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Project Description

Each ride organized by The Bike Shop will have a Ride Leader that is responsible for gathering the group, starting the ride on time and helping everyone have a fun and safe ride.

The Ride Leader’s Role

⦁ Welcome any new riders to the group and make sure they understand The Bike Shop’s safety policy.
⦁ Announce the route to be followed.
⦁ Assign someone to take the Lead (front of the group) and Sweep (back of the group).
⦁ Review Safe Guidelines.
⦁ Answer any questions the group might have.
⦁ Get a ride count before starting.

⦁ Keep the group together and on the correct route.
⦁ Identify and call out any unsafe behaviors.
⦁ Identify re-group points and re-group to keep everyone together.
⦁ Create sub-groups with sub-group leaders if needed.
⦁ Be prepared to assist as needed.
⦁ Keep count to assure all riders are still in the group.

⦁ Ensure everyone got back safely.
⦁ Immediately report any accidents to The Bike Shop manager.
⦁ Thank everyone for a great ride.

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